Check out TFI’s pricing and estimate how much you can save on your payments.


Check out TFI’s pricing and estimate how much you can save on your payments.

Competitive Currency Conversions

TFI enables your business to make payments from one country to another and avoid paying excessive currency spreads on your conversion rates.


We offer the best possible currency conversion spreads, and our commissions are super-competitive, plus there are no hidden fees.

Secure Transactions

Payment thresholds and different authorization levels can be set for all users. We also adhere to PSD2 Secure Customer Authentication guidelines.


Our specialized team is always available to provide our clients with customized solutions.


Your transactions are quickly processed and payments are delivered precisely and seamlessly. 

Funds Segregation

Client funds are safeguarded according to the EU regulations and kept in segregated accounts, separate from the Company’s funds.


 For 25 years the TFI team has been providing its business clients specialized currency management solutions. 


TFI follows strict regulations that respect the privacy of the client’s transactions and data.

The TFI competitive pricing advantage 

TFI has been a pioneer in offering its corporate clients access to competitive live currency rates while keeping the cost of currency conversions and transaction fees to the bare minimum.

Combining state of the art technology with significant trading volumes and our long-term partnerships with international correspondent banks, has allowed us to offer the most competitive pricing and the best customer support for currency conversions and payments allowing our clients to have an advantage against competition and focus on the growth of their business.

Two decades ago, we launched TFI with the sole aim of making international payments and currency conversions easier and much cheaper than traditional banking while adding multiple levels of reliability and enhanced security.

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Estimate future savings on your international payments and currency conversions with TFI Markets.

Tier 1

Tier 1 fees apply to clients who do not require Enhanced Due Diligence.

Account management

New account opening


Account review / update


Multicurrency IBAN


Interest and Balance Certificate per customer, at Auditors’ request

20 EUR

Account statement request (excluding Automated statements)


Courier Fees


Re-issue of Portal login details & issuing of security/authentication codes in case of loss

10 EUR

Other transaction fees

Transaction Documentation Review for enhanced due diligence

0 – 100 EUR

Investigation/Amendment Swift Message /Cancellation of payment instructions

50 EUR

Payment instructions via TFI Portal


Payment instructions offline – Manual processing of instructions received in original form or via fax/email

20 EUR

Rollover Fees

Incoming Payments

To correspondent banks as per TFI instructions


To client IBAN


To other banks

10 EUR

Outward payments

With FX conversion1 – via SWIFT (Charges SHA)

Up to €100,000 or equivalent

10 EUR

Over €100,000 or equivalent


With FX conversion1 – EUR – within SEPA zone

Up to €100,000


Over €100,000


Without FX conversion – any currency – via SWIFT (Charges SHA)

Up to €50,000 or equivalent

20 EUR

Over €50,000 or equivalent

0.07% max 100 EUR

Without FX conversion – EUR – within SEPA zone

Up to €50,000


Over €50,000

20 EUR

SWIFT transfers

With same day value


Correspondent’s charges

With charges OUR

30 EUR

Debit Interest

Any currency

Credit Interest

Any currency


API Fees

Setup fee

5,000 EUR

Monthly fee

1,000 EUR

1 For transactions less than $10,000 wider spreads may apply.

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