Fraud Awareness

At TFI we are committed to protecting our customers, the public and ourselves from fraud. To help prevent people from being scammed, here is some information to help protect you:

Our official websites are only the two listed below:

Our Email Domains:

We will only ever email you via the following email domains:

If you receive correspondence from other email addresses, please forward them to

Making Payments / Sending Funds:

In order to send us any amount of funds for e-money services or trading services, you must have already opened an account with us. Opening an account with us involves completing an account opening form and uploading documents to our online onboarding registration or by email / hand delivery.

We only accept SEPA and SWIFT.
We never accept payments in crypto currency.
We do not accept credit/debit cards.
We do not accept cash.

We will never ask you to add funds to your account from within our online portal or any other page of our website.

e-Money Services and other Services / Information

Our e-money Services and information for payments are only available via our official TFI Online portal:

TFI Online | |

For trading services, we use the MT4 platform (for FX CFDs trading) and/or our TFI Online portal (for FX Forwards trading). We do not use MT5 or any other application.

Suspect fraud?

Criminals are continually employing new and inventive ways of defrauding both companies and individuals. If you suspect you have received a fraudulent call or email, please contact us at

External Resources

Cyprus Police – Cybercrime Division

The Cybercrime Subdivision is capable and responsible for the effective investigation of cybercrime. Offices are situated at the Cyprus Police Headquarters.

Cyprus Police – Cybercrime Subdivision