Fees and Charges

Deposit to any TFI Markets Account. Free of Charge.
The Exact amount received in the Company’s Bank Account will be credited in the Client’s Payment Account.
1. Through SWIFT
Via Portal Offline
With Foreign exchange conversion, charges shared 1
Up to 100,000 € or equivalent 10 € 35 €
Over 100,000 € or equivalent 0 € 10 €
Same currency payments, charges shared.
Up to 30,000 € or equivalent Over 30,000 € or equivalent
Other 35 $ or equivalent 70 $ or equivalent
EUR 20 € 50 €
2. Through SEPA (Not Same Day)
Payment in Euro up to 50,000.00 0.15% – min 5 max 10
Additional Charges
Charges OUR2 Additional EUR 30 per payment
Charges for investigation of an outward payment Case by case, as per Counterparty’s charges
Charges for amendment / cancellation of an outward payment order Case by case, as per Counterparty’s charges
Bulk Payments 3 (Provided in the Excel template supplied by the Company)
Charges Shared €15
Charges OUR €15
Credit Interest
Any Currency 0%
Debit Interest (For Any Currency)
Any Currency Currency Reference Rate + 3% Margin
Other Fees
Account Maintenance Fee for accounts inactive more than 5 years €80 per year

1 For transactions less than $10,000 wider spreads may apply.
2 Charges BEN is not allowed for payments in EURO which do not involve Foreign Exchange Conversion.
3 Maximum amount per payment €25,000. For higher amounts, different charges may apply. Minimum number of payments per bulk — 10 payments.